Tips - The experience of kidneys

The experience of kidneys

Keep them in good conditions

A specialist shares some recommendations to keep kidneys in good conditions:

1. Water is the origin of life

Even the most elemental living being of the planet depends from water. The human body is almost 60% water and kidneys are responsible for maintaining the exact amount of water that each body needs. For this reason, when renal function is damaged, edemas may appear on eyelids and ankles due to the water that the kidney is not able to process and which is accumulated in the body.

2. Kidneys are also in charge of maintaining the balance of salt

Salt which is the main source of sodium and chlorine, and regulate the acid produced by the body, which is mandatory to assure that the blood has the exact pH to perform its tasks. In addition, kidneys make the metabolism of electrolytes (such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium) and produce hormones, among them one which is essential to avoid anemia and another one that helps to preserve bones’ calcium. For this aim, the kidneys work 24 hours and filter 1,800 liters of blood, producing less than two liters of urine per day.

3. When the kidney stops working, blood needs to be cleaned by dialysis

The dialysis consists in an external filter that reduces the excess of salt, removing toxins and maintaining the proper blood acidity. Kidney transplantation may constitute another alternative.

4. Renal diseases are silent

Kidneys do not give evident warning signs until they are in an advanced stage. For this reason, it is necessary to go to the doctor if: the foam of the urine is abundant or its color, which usually is between yellow and gold (when the urine becomes very dark or orange, it may indicate the presence of blood). or when a permanent edema on the eyelids and swelling of the ankles is perceived. High urinary infections must be treated immediately, because if they repeated, they can speed up kidney damaging processes.

5. Regular physical activity is important and improves the functioning of the kidney

Exercise only has results if it is done at least three times per week during half an hour, since the substances that are released during exercise and are useful to maintain brain, health and kidneys’ adequate oxygenation have a short life. For this reason, practicing exercise only at the weekend or one or two days per week with a high intensity is not enough. 

6. In any case, do not self-medicate

Common medications such as antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and some analgesics may make the kidney to be sick if precise instructions of a doctor are not followed. It is believed that any lower back pain is related to kidney problems, but the kidney only hurts sharply in extreme cases: kidney attack, stones, obstruction, severe infection or a cyst. Neither cramps, dark circles or feet swelling in hot weather are signs of kidney diseases. Urine has a characteristic smell and color; the smell can become more ammoniacal and the color more intense depending on the amount of consumed water and certain medications, but this is not a sign of alarm. Drinking too much water does not improve kidney health, only need abundant water those who have stones.

7. A healthy diet is the best way to take care of the kidney

Since kidney disease is usually silent, it is better to consume little salt, especially if there is a family precedents of hypertension. As well, it is important to avoid saturated fats, because the burden of saturated fatty acids does not only affect arteries, but also reinforces hypertension as a risk factor and the kidney is impacted. People with diabetes should follow a diet low in flour and zero refined sugar. A third of patients with severe renal diseases are diabetic and hypertensive, and for this reason require frequent medical follow-up.

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