Childbirth - Be ready for the moment of becoming mother


Be ready for the moment of becoming mother

Traumatic births where women scream and lose the half of their weight due to their sweat, at the same time that doctors and nurses go from one part to other, constitute a good scene to give some emotion to a film, but not to bring a baby to this world. The end of the pregnancy doesn’t have to be bitter if we let professionals doing their job. 

Caesarian birth is less painful than a natural birth

False. Although natural birth can be painful, the current anesthesia methods can make tolerable this experience. Nevertheless, with or without anesthesia, the threshold of pain of each woman is different, so each of them will experience this process in a different way. In addition, it is necessary to take into account that a Caesarian birth constitutes a chirurgical operation whose post-operational stage can result painful and require powerful analgesic and the corresponding care for those who have been operated. 

Caesarian birth is safer than natural birth

False. Natural birth is the safest one for a baby’s birth. Caesarian birth becomes the medical option in those cases where a birth presents some difficulties due to fetal and maternal problems. The security perception of the Caesarian births could have been generalized due to the average age increase of pregnant women which increments the complexity of the birth process. However, this is just a perception. 

Women with wider hips have easier births

True. The pelvis shape is ideal when the woman has wide hips because the baby has a wide diameter to go through during the birth. Despite, there are some women whose dimensions are confusing because even if they seem to have wide hips, the real size is not so ideal. In any case, the obstetrician will be the person who will determine if the birth may complicate or not.

A small cut in the perineum is a routine procedure during births

False. This cut, called episiotomy, is not difficult. Although, it has been popular until few decades ago, nowadays it is not so frequent. Among the reasons to defend this practice, we found the reduction of perineal tear and the possibility to prevent urinary incontinence in the case of medium age women. Nevertheless, current medicine tends more to not practice it. In addition, episiotomy can increment the pain after the birth, so this practices should be done only in case of necessity. The best is to talk about this issue with the doctor before the birth.

To break water is spontaneous and common

True (but with some remarks). It is true that almost the fifth of the women break water suddenly. This fact announces the start of the birth. Nevertheless, it is not a drama because in most of the cases the break water occurs at hospital, under medical supervision

Spicy food and castor oil help to induce the birth

False. There are no studies that support this idea, being part of the collective imaginary. Indeed, these methods use imprecise doses which may cause diarrhea or heartburn. Birth is not the most suitable moment to cause inconvenience to the future mother’s stomach. 

Intimate relationship help to induce birth 

True. The reason is that, on one hand, the semen has a substance called prostaglandins which helps to soften the neck of the uterus. On the other hand, the female orgasm produces oxytocin, which makes easier uterine contractions. However, if the pregnancy is advanced, intimate relationships could be unpleasant.

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