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Check here our latest corporate news, press and multimedia materials

Keralty will open 24 medical centers in Colombia by 2020

In an interview to the Colombian newspaper La República, Sergio Martínez, Keralty Global CEO explained the reasons that have led Sanitas Internacional to transform into Keralty brand

La República (LR): What is the group looking for with the brand change?
Sergio Martínez (SM): Our objective is to have larger presence in new markets. The expansion process that we have started needs tools and the brand is one of them.

LR: How will the brand operate here in Colombia?
SM: In Colombia it will be a holding brand that will include all Sanitas services.

LR: Where it will not be a holding brand?
SM: Mainly in the new countries where we operate.

LR: What markets are being studied?
SM: We are exploring the Southeast Asian countries. We already have an office in Indonesia and, from there, we also follow the market in Vietnam. In addition, we are also studying Eastern Europe. We already have an office in Russia and we are analyzing other countries in the region. We expect to have operative medical centers and users in one or two of those markets by 2020. 

LR: In the case of Colombia, how is being the performance of the group?
SM: In the case of Colombia, quality continues being our goal and this is noticed in the market. The number of users continues growing and this means that we are doing things well. EPS Sanitas has 2,166,000 users and prepaid medicine services (Colsanias, Medisantias and Colsanitas Dental) have 512,000 users.

LR: Have any growth goals been established?
SM: There is no a defined goal. The more we accomplish, the better. Our goal is to keep doing things well and consequently, we expect that the number of users will increase. 

LR: And which ones are the reasons that will explain this growth?
SM: It will be due to doing things always well. Our people are the result of our success and we do more than 20,000 face-to-face and online courses to our more than 12,000 collaborators in Colombia, which means an average of two courses per year. 

LR: How many centers does the group include?
SM: Worldwide, we have 81 medical centers (61 of them in Colombia), 9 hospitals (7 in Colombia), 62 clinical laboratories (48 in Colombia) and 7 ophthalmological centers (all in Colombia).

LR: By 2020, do you expect that more centers will be opened in Colombia?
SM: We plan to open 24 medical centers in 18 different cities being in this way present in 5 cities of the Atlantic region. As well, we have planned openings in Bogota, Soacha, Chia and Santanderes.

LR: How is the health sector in Colombia?
SM: Health sector is complex and highly regulated, but we consider that it is the way it has to be. This is part of the system’s success. The problem is when this becomes politics. However, real universal health systems like the Colombian one can be found in few places of the world.