The massive health insurance is based on the principle of solidarity and on the primary healthcare strategy that focuses on the individual, supporting a network of solutions-oriented medical centers and integrated with all healthcare system stakeholders to facilitate the users' access to higher levels of care whenever necessary

An innovative product that can be adapted to the needs of every large group, developing a provision of reliable and profitable health plan, with the maximum quality and minimum cost.

Our successful experience of many years in health insurance for large groups enables us to adapt models generating value and tracing an outstanding patient mass.

Value proposal:

  • We assume the responsibility and risk on health expenses of our affiliates.
  • We do all the care directly and entirely in our health center chain.
  • We are interested in knowing our patient’s health conditions, from the first day to adapt better our service to their needs.
  • The deep knowledge of our users gives us the tools to design prevention programs.
  • We give patients the responsibility for their health using our interactive platform. Their information is entered to our technological application that alerts us to take decisions, propose activities, diets and protocols that stimulate self-care.
  • Continuous training for our health personnel. 
  • Realistic comprehensive care of the patient.


  • Impact in public health indicators, such as maternal mortality, child mortality, vaccination coverage, among others.
  • Improvement of the overall system efficiency.
  • Reduction of health system fragmentation
  • Decrease of health expenditure.
  • Fusion with the health system, integrating system’s various and diverse actors.


  • Achieve universal health coverage: accomplish international agreements.
  • Protect families from high health expenses.
  • Reduce the burden of disease by modifying risk factors.
  • Strengthen the first level health care and implement the Primary Health Care.
  • Face the demographic transition, epidemiological and risk factors of populations with finite resources.
  • Control of health expenses.