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Colombia Established in Colombia since 1980, the group offers health insurance plans adapted to different populations and an own network of comprehensive healthcare centers with the highest standards of quality and cutting-edge technology, scientific expertise and personal care. 

As well, it develops hospital and administrative infrastructures, provides high technology to health institutions, promotes research and knowledge development among its professionals and spreads healthcare centers in disadvantaged communities, generating employment and welfare for thousands of families.

Colombia - Clínica Reina Sofía (Bogota)

Clínica Reina Sofía (Bogota)

Opened in October 1992 and launched on 28 January 1993, since 2005 it has developed an International Patient Office that is present in each one of our hospitals, focused in fulfilling the needs and expectations of patients, insurance companies and the government.

After a construction process that was carried out in order to achieve facilities, latest technology equipment, services and care that will guarantee patients a pleasant stay, in 2012 it was accredited by ISQUA in 2012. Thanks to its multidisciplinary approach, personalized and comprehensive care, with a high humanitarian content and highly qualified staff, the clinic has achieved significant levels of satisfaction which has allowed a national and international positioning. 

150 beds

455 doctors

Area: 14.000 m²

Operation rooms: 8

Colombia - Clínica Universitaria Colombia

Clínica Universitaria Colombia (Bogota)

Clínica Universitaria Colombia has established itself as one of the most comprehensive hospitals in the country. This center is the first building of Ciudadela de la Salud, comprising a 13-floor office building, the new headquarters of Fundación Universitaria Sanitas and ATIKA housing complex.

307 beds

383 doctors

Area: 26.000 m²

Operation rooms: 9

Colombia - Clínica Campo Abierto

Clínica Campestre (Bogota)

It includes diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation pathologies groups: psychiatry, psychology, occupational and physical therapy, social work and nursing.

36 beds

14 doctors

Area: 1.400 m²

Colombia - Clínica Pediátrica

Clínica Pediátrica (Bogota)

Since 2016, it offers multidisciplinary attention, which includes, outpatient clinical laboratory, diagnostic, pediatric and different units distributed by services of disease.

40 beds

45 doctors

Area: 16.000 m²

Operation rooms: 4

Colombia - Clínica 103

Clínica 103 (Bogota)

Since 2016, it includes modern facilities with inpatient beds and a clinical laboratory for sample collection.

48 beds

19 doctors

Area: 1.600 m²

Colombia - Clínica Iberoamérica

Clínica Iberoamérica (Barranquilla)

Clínica Iberoamérica constitutes a new option for health solutions throughout the Caribbean region of Colombia. Through the provision of services, it ensures their patients the best scientific quality, advanced technology and human attention.

99 beds

252 doctors

Area: 19.328 m²

Operation rooms: 7

Colombia - Clínica Sebastián de Belalcazar (Cali)

Clínica Sebastián de Belalcazar (Cali)

Since 1996, it is a reference in West region and renown for ophthalmology, orthopedic and gynecology services.

70 beds

206 doctors

Area: 9.500 m²

Operation rooms: 6

Colombia - CliniSanitas - Colombia

CliniSanitas - Colombia

CliniSanitas is a network of medical centers offering comprehensive outpatient medical care in the field of preventive medicine to pre-paid medicine users. It represents the ‘one-stop-clinic’ concept that allows to resolve more than 80% of the pathologies with no need to refer to higher complexity levels.

55 centers

Sanitas Clinical Laboratory

Sanitas Clinical Laboratory

Since 1988, it has incorporated the technology required to meet the needs of Sanitas Internacional’s patients in terms of quality and reliability.

48 laboratories

Colombia - Optical centers

Optical centers - Colombia

We have a network of optical centers along the country.

25 optical centers

OdontoSanitas - Colombia

OdontoSanitas - Colombia

Currently, there are 30 dental clinics in Colombia and it is planned to incorporate one more to the network.

27 dental clinics

OftalmoSanitas - Colombia

OftalmoSanitas - Colombia

Currently, there are 3 ophthalmology clinics in Colombia.

6 centers